Google setzt auf Ziegen…

picture-3… anstatt großer Aufsitzrasenmäher! Kein Scherz. Im Google Blog wird erklärt, dass man damit ökologischer Arbeiten will, als mit spritfressenden Rasenmähern. Die Ziegen wurden von der Firma California Grazing angemietet und dürfen nun rund um das Google HQ das Gras fressen. Sicher nett, so bekommen die Google Mitarbeiter gleich etwas Alm-Feeling mit dabei :D.

PETA meint übrigens dazu:

PETA has no problem with letting goats do what goats want to do (e.g., look cute and eat weeds), but we do have concerns about how the goats may be transported, whether they are provided with access to shelter during storms and shade as well as water during hot weather, where they are housed when they aren’t “working,” what kind of veterinary care they receive, and what becomes of old and/or excess goats. PETA has found over and over that whenever animals are used by a business to make money, corners are cut and animals often suffer as a result. And that really gets our goat, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Und Google sagt dazu:

Google takes the wellness of our employees very seriously and we pride ourselves on having a responsive and adaptable culture. The lawn-mowing goats are not, of course, full-time Google employees – but we would certainly respond directly to any concerns about their treatment. I can confirm that during their time in Mountain View, like other Google employees, each goat is entitled to a free organic lunch.

(Quelle: TechCrunch)

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